How to create an NFT and why you may not want to

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are exploding in popularity these days. People are paying big money for these unique collectible cryptocurrency assets. One NFT by the digital artist known as Beeple sold for a jaw-dropping $69 million in early 2021, while many others have fetched multimillion-dollar sales prices. NFTs require the creation of digital tokens, through a technique called cryptography. In the crypto world, this token creation process is referred to as minting. Typically, to mint NFTs, you have to pay for creating smart contracts using cryptocurrency.

how do you make a nft

Other blockchains that are known to hold NFTs include Binance, Litecoin, EOS, Tron, Cosmos, Smart Chain, Tezos, and Polkadot. Once the NFT creator has chosen the blockchain, they’ll need to learn and choose a crypto wallet that is compatible how to create an NFT with the blockchain. Choose the concept and the type of NFT to create, especially something that takes advantage of the artist/owner’s unique talents and skills. There are multiple items that can be created and sold in the NFT universe.

Step 6: Upload Your File

On Polygon, the transactions are free, and you’ll get a screen saying that your item’s been listed. There are, however, alternatives to the Ethereum blockchain. Rarible lets you sell NFTs using the Flow blockchain if you sign up for it using the Blocto wallet, and both it and OpenSea will let you sell using the Polygon blockchain.

how do you make a nft

This means collectors want to get in early on the next generation of collectible items. Some NFTs fetch huge markups in the resale market after selling out within seconds of dropping online. Once again Certhis will get this done for you, by supporting three different options.

Can anyone make an NFT?

First of all you must choose the percentage of royalties for your collection. This will determine how much you will earn on secondary sales of all NFTs in your collection, for life! For instance, if you choose a royalty fee of 5%, everytime someone sells one of your NFTs for 100$, you will receive 5 dollars in royalties. Write your account address where it says “collection payout sell address”. If the collection has several creators, you can list multiple wallets to divide the profits the way you choose.

how do you make a nft

It can be a custom painting, picture, music, video game collectible, meme, GIF, or even a tweet. The cost of minting an NFT often varies depending on gas and site fees. On the Ethereum blockchain, for instance, you can expect to pay around $70 to secure the token. Site fees average around $300, though some sites allow you to list NFTs for free.


Though the NFT market took a hit in 2022 with the onset of “crypto winter,” people are still eager to get into the NFT market. The main() function calls the mint method in the Smart Contract we had just deployed. The mint method takes only one parameter, to, which indicate the receiver of the token. Since we are minting for ourself, we put the public address of our Metamask account. Finally, we will be writing the Smart Contract for our NFT. Navigate to your contracts directory and create a file titled EmotionalShapes.sol.

  • Trading NFTs is a smart and easy way of making money easily and efficiently.
  • Look for the option to connect your digital wallet on the selected NFT marketplace.
  • The NFT market is on the rise, and new successful projects are appearing constantly.
  • You can also mint NFTs without having to pay any gas fees on platforms like OpenSea, Rarible, and Nifty Gateway.

In summary, it is the URL that will be added as ‘prefix’ to all our tokenURIs. In the above example, the metadata of our NFTs will live in a JSON file at YOUR_API_URL/api/erc721/1. Start with this article to learn more about Smart Contract languages. You can also directly jump to this Solidity cheat sheet which contains the main syntax. The .sol extension refers to the Solidity language, which is what we will use to program our Smart Contract.


It is a free virtual wallet that manages your Ethereum addresses. Each token has a unique tokenURI, which contains metadata of your asset in a JSON file that conforms to certain schema. The metadata is where you store information about your NFT, such as name, image, description, and other attributes. And yes, you can find some platforms offering gas-free minting, including OpenSea and Rarible.

how do you make a nft

This allows them to be easily bought, sold, or traded on different exchanges or NFT marketplaces. Curate is another gasless platform that offers free NFT minting on Ethereum. They plan to support Solana, Algorand, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche blockchains in the future. Rarible also offers a lazy minting option, which you can select when uploading your NFT. After connecting your wallet, just click Create, fill out your NFT details, and choose the Free Minting option.

What is an NFT?

For example, an NFT can be rare because there are only 10 copies or common because thousands of the same NFT have been “minted,” or written to the blockchain. There’s also nothing to stop someone from taking the file you’ve used for your NFT and creating their own NFT with it . Many other sports franchises have created marketplaces on the Flow blockchain, making it a popular place for sports-focused NFT creation. Non-fungible tokens are unique crypto assets that are stored on a blockchain.

Create and Upload REGULARLY!

You can use a variety of platforms like Kira Network, Splinterleads, Only1, and NFTX, to stake your NFTs and make passive income out of them. You can rent out your NFTs in games, or any other platform, that allow users to borrow NFT cards. You can even use platforms like reNFT to rent or lend NFTs to others. Church App BuilderConnect with your congregation instantly by creating an app for your church. Business App BuilderTurn leads into clients and prospects into sales with the help of a mobile app for your business. On Demand Delivery App BuilderCreate an app for users to order goods & receive it with live package tracking and auto payment on delivery.






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