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Donald Puryear had reconnected with old flame Betty Devin at his father’s funeral in 2007 when she slipped him her telephone quantity. Two years later in 2009 simply earlier than divorce proceedings were finalised together with his spouse Carol Puryear, she filed a civil lawsuit in opposition to Devin, citing “alienation of affection” brought on by the actions of her husband’s mistress. In the Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844 (1932), Karl Marx expressed the Entfremdung theory—of estrangement from the self. Philosophically, the speculation of Entfremdung relies upon The Essence of Christianity (1841) by Ludwig Feuerbach, which states that the concept of a supernatural god has alienated the pure characteristics of the human being. Moreover, Max Stirner extended Feuerbach’s evaluation in The Ego and its Own (1845) that even the idea of ‘humanity’ is an alienating concept for individuals to intellectually contemplate in its full philosophic implication. Marx and Friedrich Engels responded to those philosophical propositions in The German Ideology (1845).

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Some youngsters (about 60 p.c of them) seemed upset when their mother and father left, however rapidly re-engaged when their dad and mom returned; youngsters exhibiting this sample were known as safe. Some children (about 20 % of them), whom Ainsworth categorised as anxious-avoidant, seemed not to care about being separated from, or being reunited with, their dad and mom; some of them even appeared to actively keep away from their parents altogether, preferring as a substitute to play alone. Even when their dad and mom came back, they have been troublesome to assuage, and seemed to be indignant at their dad and mom for leaving.

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phenomenon—concerns the normative dimensions of alienation. However, it is sometimes suggested that the idea of alienation

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